Hello! I'm Monika - Artist, Creative, Pediatrician & much more.

I believe there is as much art in the practice of medicine as there is medicine in the practice of art. (That's not a quote, by the way, I said it first!) During the difficulties of my medical training, I found the necessity to rejuvenate my spirit with art. The camera was at my disposal. I then realized that it has been at my disposal since my early teen years and it's hard not to find a picture of me not holding one. Drawing has also been at my core since my young years and I love to incorporate the two.

Art is my Refuge

I love to experiment!

Taking my photography - a serious portrait, random street photograph, a selfie - and then altering it digitally followed by printing and adding mixed media to it is exhilarating. I never know what to expect and what will come out of my experiments. The process is the whole of the love and the whole of the healing art of practicing art. Join me on my adventures if you'd like!